Slumber Parties are Never Passé!

When I was in high school, my friends used to hold slumber parties at their houses, and they’re full of fun memories that I’ll never ever forget. Pajama parties, that’s what we usually, call them, and for girls, it’s not just about oatmeal facials, nail art, and chocolate binge. It’s about pillow fights and girl talk complete with dainty revelations and giggles. Believe it or not, at 23, I still love slumber parties. And even if most people think that they’re for teenage girls only, I believe you’re never too old for slumber parties. You may grow out of those giggly whispers and purple nail polish with chunky glitter but you’d want to go back to those wonderful memories no matter what it takes.

Even for the busiest career woman, life’s never complete without it. Slumber parties are like Jell-O shots for the soul. For some people, they may call it meet-up every Friday, or Thursdays at Tiffany’s. But nevertheless, every age group can have their own version of slumber parties. It’s never immature; it’s not a waste of time either. Here are some of the reasons why these little late-night parties are never outdated and why everyone invited deserves to enjoy every minute of it.


Pillow Fight-Pillow Talk

Girls, ladies, and men with ladies’ hearts enjoy slumber parties not just because of pillow fights and sweet-and-salty snacks but the goodness of girl talk as well. Why not? This is where we women open up about our well-kept secrets and most shocking revelations. Talks about crushes, new love interests; even a bitching classmate or co-worker takes place here over shaping of eyebrows, oatmeal facials and bikini waxes.


Ala-Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

This is where pledges, oaths and bonds are forged. Amid scented candles, passing of friendship bracelets, personalized mood rings, or other symbolic tokens plus a bit of chanting for some, ladies play-pretend that the promises they’ve made are bound by the pledges of sisterhood. Of course, for us ladies, every little oath that takes place in a pajama party is genuine!


Letting Go and Moving On

I’ve seen enough cliques who’d tap each other in the middle of the day, calling for an emergency slumber meeting because someone broke up with whom. Sob stories of cheating boyfriends, philandering husbands and even two-timing girlfriends are discussed in the party. This is where women share tales from their very experience of heartbreak and moving on. Moreover, the best words of advice and comfort happen in here, for every woman and woman at heart to realize and think about.


That’s just some of the reasons why slumber parties are never passé. It’s a definite stress reliever, where females and females at heart pour out sentiments and exchange beauty secrets. Nothing beats slumber parties when it comes to helping and empowering each other. So what do you think?  I’d like to hear from you dear readers, please feel free to comment below!